Supplementary Criteria: Computer – Based Training (CBT)

  • The Supplementary Criteria here are in addition to the General Criteria and are to be referenced if CBT is used for the First Aid course.
  • The program states clear and explicit learning objectives and learning outcomes that are acceptable to the WSIB as meeting the requirements of the regulation and covering the required program content.
  • The program includes a basic set of instructions for learners on how to use the CBT technology, screen directions are easy to follow, and the learner is able to navigate through the program without difficulty. Help options are comprehensive and readily available. To ensure security, each participant is provided with an individualized password.
  • The program uses a variety of media and interactive techniques to create an individualized learning experience. These media may combine dramatizations of real-life situations using video and audio, high quality computer graphics and animation or other devices.
  • The program is user-friendly and capable of responding to different levels of participant knowledge and ability, including level of computer literacy. Resource material such as CD, reference documents or a hardcopy manual/workbook pertaining to course content must be provided to the learner prior to commencing computer-based training.
  • Instruction is carefully structured, sequenced and has continuity.
  • The program allows the learner to advance at his/her own pace, provides a record that ensures that the learner covers all the material contained in each module, and of his/her performance. It also stores a permanent record of his/her training.