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SAJE Vital Signs has successfully trained over 260,000 candidates in CPR and First Aid since it began in 1997, and is now Ontario’s top emergency response training provider. We run anywhere from 7-26 various courses daily and continue to train thousands of people annually. Through hands-on training, SAJE Vital Signs is able to provide a large variety of CPR, First Aid and WHMIS (The Workplace Hazardous Information System) Training to meet the needs of all its clients which include HOSPITAL STAFF, DENTAL OFFICES, CAMPS, HIGH SCHOOL AND CAREER COLLEGES, OFFICE STAFF, INDUSTRIES, and PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS of small children. SAJE Vital Signs “in house” HSFO CPR AND FIRST AID INSTRUCTOR-TRAINERS ensure that its teaching staff studies the most current materials and their knowledge exceeds what is contained in these training materials.


We know that First Aid Training cannot help with all injuries and illnesses. In lieu of giving money to the numerous charities that regularly call requesting a monetary donation, SAJE Vital Signs has developed a program it calls “FIRST AID FOR…” that provides first aid training free of charge to the members of the charitable organizations or to those attending a charitable event. SAJE Vital Signs will be happy to train the members of your charitable or SAJE Vital Signs’ will also be happy to send a team to your promotional event, will remain for the duration of your event and will train anyone who is interested in becoming certified in First Aid. First Aid Training For Promotional Events is designed to help our clients give back to their customers. This type of Training is commonly held at a fund raiser, a thank you dinner or as part of an annual meeting. The fee for such training depends whether or not the training is for a charity.


Our Instructors

SAJE VITAL SIGNS ensures that its instructors are trained to and above the standards required. If you are interested in joining our team of top-notch instructors, please let us know soon so we teach you all about our programs and teaching methodology, and you can begin instructing as soon as possible.

SAJE VITAL SIGNS provides the following specialized programs for instructors and instructor trainers:
* SAJE Vital Signs First Aid Instructor Course
* Advanced Medical Responder
* Airway Management Instructor Course
* Heart & Stroke Foundation BLS (CPR) Instructor Course
* SAJE Vital Signs First Aid Instructor Trainer Course

About US

SAJE vital Signs has trained over 1.2 million candidates in CPR & First Aid since 1997, and now Ontario's top emergency response training provider. If you have any questions regarding our course or training details, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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