Our Dental Compliance Program

All Participants Earn Continuing Education (C.E.) Points


Every course we offer in a dental practice includes the complimentary completion of SAJE Vital Signs’s Health & Safety Assessment. This ten-point checklist will be completed by our instructor on site and provides a cursory overview of some key Health & Safety items required in every dental practice in Ontario. The completed checklist will be left at your office, along with our contact information, should you have questions or wish to order any required compliance products or office-specific documentation.

For dental practice managers that wish to ensure they are maximally compliant with government and dental industry requirements, we suggest you book an appointment to have one of our Dental Compliance Associates complete SAJE’s Comprehensive Dental Compliance Checklist (see below).

Dental Compliance Checklist

With safety blitzes and unannounced inspections by the Ministry of Labour on the rise, it is important for dental offices to take steps to ensure the health and safety of their patients and staff. Practice owners face fines of up to $500,000 and possibly jail time for non-compliance under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, and the Human Rights Code. What is more, a complaint from an unhappy patient or staff member may result in a visit from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario thus further exposing a dental practice to regulatory sanctions and unwanted publicity.

Dental Compliance Checklist

During the 30 to 60-minute appointment, a compliance specialist will perform a multi-point health and safety assessment of your dental office. They will check for things such as properly stocked first aid kits, appropriate MSDS paperwork, and records of required training. Afterwards, clients will be provided with a report card as well as a personalized plan to ensure that your office is compliant with all applicable provincial and professional regulations.

Dental practice owners can mitigate the above-mentioned liabilities by scheduling an appointment to have us complete our five-page Comprehensive Dental Compliance Checklist.

Cost: $149 + HST*


Compliance Support Services

Members of this annual subscription service can rest easy knowing that our dedicated staff will keep your dental office up-to-date with any changes in provincial or professional dental requirements. CSS clients can expect a visit from one of our dental compliance specialists at least once per year. During this visit we will complete an updated Comprehensive Dental Compliance Checklist which includes any recent changes to dental legislation or training requirements.

Members can then acquire any required documentation or training directly from your sole-source for compliance: The Dental Compliance Program. CSS members will also enjoy priority phone or e-mail access to our in-house dental compliance specialist, Paul Roberts. Dentists or their staff can get the answers they need to compliance-related questions as they arise without having schedule another compliance checklist appointment.

Lastly, clients of our CSS will be the first to receive periodic publications that include inside tips and suggestions that will be sure to give your dental practice the edge you need to continue to succeed in the increasinly competitive dental industry. Contact us now to become partners in dental compliance!


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