Ontario Workplace Naloxone Program

Starting June 1, 2023, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) in Ontario mandates that employers are responsible for the provision and maintenance of naloxone kits within the workplace.

Naloxone is a drug that can temporarily reverse the effects of opioid overdose.

If the employer becomes aware, or should reasonably anticipate, that there is a potential risk of a worker experiencing an opioid overdose while performing their duties for the employer, the employer must comply with the OHSA requirements to provide naloxone in the workplace.

For more detailed information on how employers can assess if they need to provide naloxone in their workplace, please visit the guidelines here.

Training Registration

We offer free training for up to two people per eligible workplace.

To register for the free naloxone training, please click the button below:

If you have any questions about our naloxone training, please email us at naloxone@vitalsigns.ca. We also offer paid naloxone training for those interested.

About the Program

The Ontario Workplace Naloxone Program is offering crucial support to employers who must adhere to OHSA’s naloxone requirements. This support includes:

  • Free Naloxone Training: Employers can avail of complimentary naloxone training for up to two workers per workplace.
  • One Free Nasal Spray Naloxone Kit: Each eligible workplace is entitled to receive one free nasal spray naloxone kit.

SAJE Vital Signs proudly serves as a program provider for the Ontario Workplace Naloxone Program. Our role is to assist employers obligated under OHSA in equipping their workplaces with naloxone kits.

We are offering naloxone training in three different formats:

  1. In-person training at our training centres.
  2. Virtual training session with a live instructor demonstrating the skills.
  3. A purely online course via our e-learning platform.